Slip space is a fold in spacial dimentions allowing for a person to be tranported from on place to the other without being in any of the intermediate parts.

Make up of a Slip SpaceEdit

A Slip Space only really consists of two points, (A) and (B). The distance between (A) and (B) is always constant but when a Slip Space is created then, though the distance doesn't change, the two places simply are interchangable, blending the two points into a singularity until they have been traveled through.

Frequency of a Slip SpaceEdit

Slip Spaces are created by non-human entities. These creatures use them to travel quickly from location to location without having to worry about the space inbetween. However once a Slip Space is opened it can sometimes rip back open, after closing, if another creatures passes the same way. This makes Slip Space a good way to track down non-human entities.