Voices refer to the spirits of the lost, heard but not seen. They funnel into a single entity, the Ferryman. They are all the voices of those that have been taken by the Ferryman in the past, only heard clearly by the insane and those who seek to hear them. The following people have been recorded...

Elizabeth Tanner (1889-1912)Edit

Elizabeth Martha Johnson, Born 1889 in London, was brought up as a banker's daughter. She went through finishing school and was well read in many areas. At the age of twenty she wed and changed her name to Elizabeth Tanner. They moved to Australia together in 1911. She soon fell ill, complainning of voices and becoming cold to the touch. Doctors who attended to her said she was delirious from heat stroke and perscribed her lots of water. She committed suicide in 1912 by drowning herself in the Yarra River.

John Tanner (1786-1812)Edit

John Henry Tanner, Born 1889 in London,

Loren Thompson (1692-1712)Edit

Edward Becket (1587-1612)Edit

Avis Allens (1493-1512)Edit

George Allens (1388-1412)Edit


It is hard to go back any further from George Allens, his dabbling may have been the route of the Ferryman's crossing but it remains hard to tell as there is very little documentation of him. Some believe they have heard other voices appart from the six listed above, but there is no evidence to suggest that there is.